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Sports Fields Stalls!

We’ve been busy again this year in getting a whole load of stalls for your shopping and browsing pleasure! There are sweet stalls, photography stalls face painters, burgers, hog roasts an more!In case you wanted to know who’s going to be there, well, here’s the list!1st Doddington Guides1st Doddington Rainbows1st Doddington Scout GroupArmy CadetsAskham Village CommunityBeagles Explorer ScoutsCambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service Community ChampionsCartigan Jams, Chutneys & PreservesDoddington Christmas LightsDoddington Horticultural SocietyDoddington Model ClubDoddington Recreation CommitteeDoddington Under 5sEmma's Frames and Make a Memory PhotographyGlitter Hair - Cystic Fibrosis TrustGreenvaleiBaker/Boston DonutsJester King Hog RoastKelly's Sweet CreationsMaggie's Henna TattooParty Sweet Cones & TombolaPerfect Shot PhotographyPick-aaa-Book!StreetPrideThe WIWills WheelsWe hope you’ll call over to each of the stalls and see what games they have going on, or wha…

Lining Up in the Sun!

Whilst the Carnival is absolutely fabulous and it may feel like magic, it certainly doesn’t happen by accident.  The guys have been out in the blazing 30 degree sunshine getting the Sports Field on Benwick Road ready for the races on Saturday, but which shows dedication and effort!The weather forecast has changed ever so slightly for the weekend, but like Ernie here, you might still want to wear your hat!!Incidentally, we’d like to give Ernie a big shout-out and say thank you from us all for helping get the running track looking on top form for the weekend. Top man.


It's the Wednesday before Carnival-Saturday, and things may not look like they're moving at warp-speed, but from our perspective, it certainly is!Hopefully you’ve seen already, but The Scarecrows are out in force, with Ziggy Stardust, Harry Potter and even The Queen gracing our roadsides, to name but a few! It's great to see so many people joining in the fun, as it really kick-starts the whole thing.  Judging begins soon!Carnival preparations are coming to a head, which is both worrying and exciting, as this has taken months and months of thought, planning and pestering people by the carnival crew and (finally!) it's all now starting to pay-off.  This year’s Carnival Prince and Princess, Luke and Imogen, are getting set to play their part in the proceedings, and being driven around in their glamorous carriage!The Sports Field plans are also being finalised, as we're trying to keep a similar format to last year, but improve slightly on some of the aspects following …