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Disco Time!!

It’s coming up to that time of the year where we need to select  the Carnival Prince and Princess during the Family Disco.  These young folks are important to the traditions and values of the Carnival, going back donkeys years, and this year is no different.The Family Disco is also exactly as it sounds – a chance for the whole family to come out and boogey-woogey and enjoy themselves on the dancefloor. Applications for the Carnival Prince and Princess Selection are available from the folks in The Three Tuns, Doddington, so why not nip in there and pick up a form as you pass?   Alternatively, the forms are available on the Doddington Carnival website.  (All details are on the form itself.)

Welcome to 2018!

We blinked,  and 2017 came and went just as quickly!We had a great year in terms of the various events that we’ve put on throughout 2017, and we have no doubt that 2018 will be any different.In 2017, we had pub quizzes and discos, the Carnival and Sports Day, finishing it all off with the Santa Run.  2018 will see more of the same, but with a different twist, as we keep getting emails and Facebook messages to say that you all love what we’re doing, and the reading makes for some humbling feelings in and around the Carnival Committee.  Here’s but a few about the Carnival and Sports Day:"Thanks team loved it once again . This year bought back memories of childhood felt great lots of fun had . Water this year when I was a kid it was flour and eggs lol x" - Sarah Sellers (via Facebook)"Thank you and well done to the committee. Yesterday was another amazing day thanks to the commitment and hard work of volunteers.
Such a brilliant day. Thank you x"
- Nicky Hornsby (via…