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Welcome to 2018!

We blinked,  and 2017 came and went just as quickly!


We had a great year in terms of the various events that we’ve put on throughout 2017, and we have no doubt that 2018 will be any different.

In 2017, we had pub quizzes and discos, the Carnival and Sports Day, finishing it all off with the Santa Run.  2018 will see more of the same, but with a different twist, as we keep getting emails and Facebook messages to say that you all love what we’re doing, and the reading makes for some humbling feelings in and around the Carnival Committee.  Here’s but a few about the Carnival and Sports Day:

"Thanks team loved it once again . This year bought back memories of childhood felt great lots of fun had . Water this year when I was a kid it was flour and eggs lol x" - Sarah Sellers (via Facebook)

"Thank you and well done to the committee. Yesterday was another amazing day thanks to the commitment and hard work of volunteers.
Such a brilliant day. Thank you x"
- Nicky Hornsby (via Facebook)

"Thank you so much for all your hard work it was a great day we always look forward to it xx" - Amanda Metselaar (via Facebook)

and a few more about the Santa Run:

"Thank you so much Santa and all your Elves ... You made Hannah so happy. You all work all year so hard in all weathers x" - Andrea Harrison

"Thank you to Santa and everyone else who visited Oaktree Close tonight. You made it a truly magical experience. Our two have not stopped talking about how did Santa know so much!” - Jenny Ballantyne

"Wonderful santa run thank you to all involved who help santa come to Doddington for a weekend every year, especially in this freezing weather!! We have one very happy six year old :-)" - Rebecca Meredith

And that last comment puts things into perspective for the Doddington Village Sports and Carnival Committee, really; we’re only doing this for everyone else to enjoy, whether it’s during the egg and spoon race in the Sports Day races, or seeing and meeting Santa on the Sleigh on your doorstep.  None of us are paid, but our team gets stronger each year, and we always aim to make ‘next time’ even better.

So, it might only just be 2018 already, but we’ve already had our first meeting of the year to make this year’s events even more fantastic.  We’ve got some plans and ideas, but it’s the Carnival Committee working together in the ol’ team work manner that brings it to life. And that’s what still amazes me about the team we have. Despite what we all have going on in our personal lives, the plans and ideas are still formed, and done so in such style.

2018 is going to be great.  We know it, because we wouldn’t have it any other way, but why not join us for even a small part of the ride? Help us make Doddington the place to be in 2018. Help us make it all happen.  We’ll be posting details of how you can help on the website in the coming few weeks, but if you’re already thinking that you’d like to spare a little time for the village, drop us a line.  We would genuinely love to hear from you.


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