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We Love The Diary!

We. LOVE. Doddington Diary! We do. We loved the old Doings, and we were sad to see it go. BUT NOW, a new team of ‘Newsletter Ninjas’ are picking-up their word processors, ripping old the old and cutting-out a new future for our village mutterings. With a team filled fill of (volunteer!) experts, the first newsletter is due out in November 2017, which we know everyone is excited about, so it’s not long until the Doddington Diary is a regular thing to land on your doormat. Their website is over at – PLEASE help support them – adverts, columns, jokes, gossips, whatever – send them in, as I’m sure that they’d love to hear from you!  Let’s all help them make a fantastic start to the new Doddington Diary!

Another year done!

Sounds strange to have a title of ‘Another year done!’, given that we’re only part-way through October, but in Carnival-years, we’re now into the planning of the next one! For us, our Annual General Meeting, held earlier this month, marks the end of one year and the start of another, which we’re planning on being even more fantastic than last year. This year. You get it. The committee has a couple of new folks and says goodbye to some others, but by and large, we’re good.  The ‘officers’ were re-voted and the same ugly mugs are in the same roles as this time last year, which is good not only from a consistency point of view, but also from the fact that the rest of the team think that things are working well enough to vote them back in. We’ll be unveiling the new theme for the 2018 Carnival very shortly, so that should get people’s thoughts flowing in terms of what to dress up as, or what floats will look like. But first up, is the Santa Run 2017 – we’ve spoken to the Big Man and he’s a