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Track Santa through Doddington!

Santa Claus is coming… to Doddington!! Well, we know that on Christmas Day Santa will be visiting EVERY house in the ENTIRE WORLD, but we’re talking specifically about him coming to visit the boys and girls of Doddington ahead of the big day, mostly to find out what everyone would like for Christmas. As mention in our previous blog post , we’ve booked him for a tour of Doddington on the 8th, 9th and 10th of December this year.  But here’s the thing… YOU CAN SEE WHERE SANTA IS, and find out how long it’ll be before he comes to your house!! How? Well… the kind elves have lent us one of Santa’s tracking units, and our Carnival IT-Geeks have attached this to our website, meaning that all you have to do, is go to the Doddington Carnival website ( ) on your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone, and you’ll see a map of where Santa is right now!  As we drive him through the village, the map will auto-update and show his latest location! Magic!

Santa Run: Preparations!!

Every year, we, at the Doddington Village Sports and Carnival committee, put in a call in with the Big Guy with the red suit and white beard, and ask him (very politely) if we could show him around Doddington, and do a little meet n’ greet with the Naughty and Nice children of the village. As always, he’s super-keen to make his presence heard with some very loud Christmassy anthems to get everyone into the holiday mood, and who are we to deny him? So, we’re already busy preparing the Sleigh, dotting the Christmas i’s and crossing the festive T’s, and generally getting ready for the Santa Run 2017 ! We’ll be publishing routes on telegraph poles. on our website and Facebook Page , etc, in more detail, but essentially, we’ll be showing Santa the sights on the following nights: Friday 8th December Saturday 9th December Sunday 10th December Keep an eye and ear out for us. And definitely come out and say hello to Santa!