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wednesdayIt's the Wednesday before Carnival-Saturday, and things may not look like they're moving at warp-speed, but from our perspective, it certainly is!

Hopefully you’ve seen already, but The Scarecrows are out in force, with Ziggy Stardust, Harry Potter and even The Queen gracing our roadsides, to name but a few! It's great to see so many people joining in the fun, as it really kick-starts the whole thing.  Judging begins soon!

Carnival preparations are coming to a head, which is both worrying and exciting, as this has taken months and months of thought, planning and pestering people by the carnival crew and (finally!) it's all now starting to pay-off.  This year’s Carnival Prince and Princess, Luke and Imogen, are getting set to play their part in the proceedings, and being driven around in their glamorous carriage!

The Sports Field plans are also being finalised, as we're trying to keep a similar format to last year, but improve slightly on some of the aspects following comments from the public, along with our want/need/desire to make things better.

I think I've mentioned in previous blog posts about the carnival crew and the amazing efforts that we (collectively) put into this event. Every year, every carnival meeting (well, most!!), regular/normal/ordinary Doddington-people are going above and beyond the call of duty for Doddington-villagers, and every little detail helps massively, even though at the time, it's easy to think that it's a just something little.

The weather forecast for the weekend looks BRIGHT! When I looked at the 10-day outlook on the weather app on my phone, it said we're due for a little shower BEFORE the weekend, but that's probably what our gardens need, especially if we're in for another fortnight of fantastic sunshine. Obviously, we're hoping for nice day, but as always, we know that it'll happen one day.

In case anyone is wondering about the football… With England’s 2-1 win against Columbia last night, this means that the match at 3pm has come into focus, and so here’s the short truth: I’m afraid that we will not be showing the football on the field mainly due to licencing.  But, there is an up-side!  Rob and Tina at The Three Tuns, Doddington, will have the match on in the restaurant room, and in the Pool-table room for you to enjoy.  They’re still trying to keep the main bar-area available for families in the Carnival festivities, so if you go to watch the match there, please help them with out that.


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