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Getting ready for The Big Man!


We know. It’s still November, and now we’re about to drop the C word…

C. H. R. I. S. T. M. A. S.

And whilst you might be thinking that it’s a bit early for that sort of thing, we at the Doddington Carnival committee are already  getting into Christmas-mode. 

We have to. 

We’ve already been on the phone to the Big Man – Mr. S. Claus, that is - about his visit to Doddington early in December, and he’s really keen and upbeat about our little village. So, we’re trying to make sure that we’ll be ready for his arrival on the 7th, 8th AND 9th of December!!

  • Several of the committee guys have been polishing-up Santa’s road-sleigh for him, and getting a few Christmas-y tunes on in preparation, as it really does take months to get sorted for it all.
  • We’ve got routes to plan, and people to organise, and jolly health-and-safety plans to worry about.
  • Posters and e-flyers to design/make/print/distribute.

And whilst Santa can quickly zip along the Christmas line across the world, our tour of Doddington will be taking a much slower route… three days, to be truthful!  For those that might not have seen what goes on, we’ll split the village up into three, and each evening for three evenings, we’ll bring Santa out to see boys and girls of all ages, at your door! 

We’re still working with the Elves to finalise the exact route, as the village has grown a little bit, but we’ll publish the plans online as soon as we can.  But one things for certain – you’ll definitely HEAR us coming down the road! Music will be rocking the streets, so keep an ear out and come out and say hello!

We’ll be our there, come rain or shine, all in the name of collecting money for next year’s Doddington Village Sports and Carnival.  So anything that you contribute is so very greatly received! 

Hope to see you out there!


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