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Want to help us out a little?

So, don’t know if you’re aware, but the Doddington Village Sports and Carnival is on this weekend!


The whole of the Carnival committee have been flat-out, getting ready for the big day. This is only my second year helping out, and I’m constantly amazed at the list of jobs that need doing, in order for a few lorries to drive slowly through the village, followed by a bunch of children running races in the afternoon.

Obviously, there’s LOTS more to it than that, and that’s why the people of Doddington love the carnival as much we do.  In fact, we get visitors from Chatteris, March, Wimblington, Manea and more, all coming to the village and seeing what they’re missing out on, by living elsewhere!  We have a GREAT sense of community in this little village.

But, sometimes we need help.  We know we make it look easy and all, but the truth is that it takes a lot of people to pull this all off, and that’s where you come in.

If you want to help, even a little bit, just let us know. And we’re not talking about the Carnival and Sports Day. If you want to get involved, in helping to organise or run anything that we currently do, you just have to let us know. 

This weekend (1st July) is Carnival and Sports Day, but soon after that, those little kiddies are going to want their trophies and their 5 minutes of fame, so that means that the Presentation Disco is soon to follow.  Then, after we’ve blinked for a little bit, the Santa Run will very shortly be here. That’s where we (the Carnival committee) get our Elf hats and thermal trousers on, and drag the sleigh with the Big Man on the back all around the village, taking him to see the children of Doddington.  Blink again, and it’s the New Year, and no doubt there’ll be a Pub Quiz or two on.  Few more blinks, and it’ll be the Doddington Disco (perhaps!) and then soon after that, we’re almost back around to where we are now, just having had the Family Disco and Prince and Princess selection.  If we have time, there might be a few extra events on in between, but you get the drift. 

So if ANYTHING in all of that tickles your fancy and want to plod along with us, just let us know, whether it’s by: Email. Text. Calls. Carrier pigeon.  Or just catch us in person.   We’ll leave it with you to ponder upon.


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